‘Do I Have to be Alright, All of the Time?’ Jason Molina Benefit Concert and Album


Alasdair Roberts (with Laurie McNamee) performing
Being in Love

Emit Bloch (with Laurie McNamee) performing
Captain Badass

 The Mariner’s Children performing
A Little at a Time

Jess Bryant performing
Peoria Lunchbox Blues


Brigid Power-Ryce performing
Didn’t it Rain

Laurie McNamee performing
I Can Not Have Seen The Light

In September 2012 I put on a London based benefit concert and album for Jason Molina; the proceeds of which went to Jason’s medical fund. I also teaming up with other Molina fans across the world and complied a benefit album of covers of Jason’s songs.

I also brought to the fore front the issues surrounding alcohol and drug issues – something which affects so many people – and something which I feel very strongly that people need understanding and support with.

I couldn’t imagine a better way for me personally to help Jason. I have been a huge admirer of Jason’s music for many years, and am heavily influenced by his music as a musician myself. Like many appreciators of his music, I missed seeing him play live and hearing new music from him in the years running up to this concert and benefit album.

When I learnt about his illness and issues paying his medical bill in the USA connected with this, I tried to think about how to raise money for him, and to try and help so he can carry on with his music. The best answer for me was with music, and I got some wonderful musicians and promoters on board in my home city of London – and some from further afield – who have their own connection to Jason, having either worked with him, or being influenced, or simply appreciative of his music.

Here is some more information on why his family set up a fund for his medical bills.

I received various stories from friends, associates, and fellow musicians regarding Jason’s health issues. A very touching account can be found here:

Along with raising money for Jason’s medical fund, I hope his need for help was brought to as wide an audience as possible, and also that his music was re- introduced to his fans, as well as new fans through the artists who are influenced by him and love his music.