Be My Friend In Exile

You can listen to four tracks I collaborated with BMFIE on his 2013 album ‘The Silence, The Darkness’:

Released 27 August 2013
All tracks written and recorded by Miguel Gomes 2013
Be My Friend in Exile © 2013
Vocals on Tracks 1, 2, 4 & 5 by Laurie McNamee

Thanks to Gavin, Laurie, Tom, The Static Hand, Ponch, Bjorn, Markus and everyone who’s made the investment to listen.

Artwork © Tom Gilbert (

‘The human condition affects most. These songs act as a form of therapy, telling stories of falling asleep with the TV on and dreams of living in the mountains. An amalgamation of maudlin memories combining archived personal audio journals, field recordings, solemn guitar pickings, loops and sounds. I once wish I could be alone. Now that I have comfort in this loneliness, I no longer yearn for it.’

The Silence, The Darkness

Be My Friend in Exile

The Silence, The Darkness


Here is the video to Be My Friend in Exile’s ‘What I Wish for you, I Wish for Myself’, a track from 2013 release on Twice Removed Records titled ‘The Silence, the Darkness’.

Music written and recorded by Miguel Gomes. Vocals by Laurie McNamee.


© 2017 Laurie McNamee – All Rights Reserved

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