‘Across the Sea’ *New Album*

Rid All Of My Possessions
Rid all of my possessions
To get the hell out of here
Only the broken
Wait for me here

You showed me my horror
Right up into my face
Only the broken
Wait for me here

Noting the moments here in our fear
Shouldn’t I have opened a way for you to be near

All that’s belonging
To each of us goes
Only the broken
Wait out here

Only the broken
Wait for me here

Start All Over Again
I never thought that you would go away
I always thought that you would be right back
I always wanted to stay right by your side

Take me away and wake me up
Start all over again

I never thought that I would crash to my knees
I never thought I’d need the foetus pose
Feeling the ground I want it to suck me up

To gather around me and swallow me down
To start me over again

I wanted to tell you that I was in love with you
But it was just to hard to say

It’s dark but my eyes are open wide again
Thinking about the days when you were here
Everything that keeps me awake at night

Consumes me whole as I fight going down
I stared wide at the abyss

You Break Me Apart With Every Word
I have no strength to resist
You are all over me
I can’t fight you anymore
I have nothing to hide

You ask me what I want|
But I am asking you
You break me apart with every word
Still I seem to be holding on

I am waiting for you
I just have to hope you’ll come through
I know I never could
Make up for the damage I have done

Didn’t Think I’d Make It Through, But
Didn’t think I’d make it through, but
Your strength was all I needed to do it

Take the things that were meant for you anyway
Your heart was on constant delay

And you seem to think that I care
What you see

The horror, the horror
The dead to the living and the living to the unborn

There is darkness in this forest
But what’s darker, lies in the heart of man’

You Told Me All of it Before
You told me all of it before
Somehow I denied it
But you know who you are
You told me you would disappoint
But still I feel like crying
‘Cause you know who you are

When we left each other at the top of the road
No idea that we were never to go back
When we kissed in the moonlight
You caressed my hands and face
Asking me if I was sad to start and end

If I could capture all those talks
And put them in a bottle
Send them to your car

But the way you disappeared
Like with all those other women
Who pulled away to far

He said if we could go back to change the course of our lives
So we could stay and get to know each other
But a little bit of timidity and shyness on both our parts
Meant that this was not the path that was meant to be

If you could look in me in the eyes
And tell me you don’t want me
I’d pull away for good

Take It
Take this heart of mine
Take this heart of mine
Take this heart of mine
And swallow it whole

Stop this pulse of mine
Stop this pulse of mine
That beats so out of time

Take that pulse
Take that pulse
Take that pulse
And squash it between your fingers

I can’t take it
I can’t take it
I can’t take it

You don’t understand
You don’t understand
You don’t understand
What’s it like

You don’t understand
You don’t understand
You don’t understand
What it’s like for me

To sit here
And look upon you
And know you can’t be mine

Take my hand
Take my hand
Take my hand
And I will lead you through the crowds

We’ll find a quiet place
We’ll find a quiet place
We’ll find a quiet place
To breath together

You ride along by the light of day, when we were all that mattered
When we graced the heart of you, —
We graced the heart of you, as you moulded

I grabbed the corner of your sweet loving order
As we waited until the day you were withered
For I pine away tortured in my own way

I only came for the way you weren’t any other
Down in the hollow
Down in the hollow you waved to me
You waved

You wake me up when I am tired and you can’t sleep
You tell me you’re frightened but we can believe in dreams
You wake me up in the morning – we didn’t sleep a wink in the quiet
You only graze my arms with your touch when I’m cold

You wait up for the moment to come
We wait until the moment, but you were wrong

I settle down, I settle down on your body
I believe you are going out of your mind
We were fortunate to believe in the times we were quiet
In the times we were quiet

Down in your mind
I couldn’t believe in your pint or razors thrown at the whole world
I was waiting for you

You only wait when your games overlay
And you lay down your golden wine until you feel you have all of the time
Until you believe you have arrived in my cause

Forget Everything You Lost
On to the point from where you forgot what you started for
When you turn back around the scene is never like it was
You can make it through if you forgot everything you lost
You can make it through if you forgot everything you lost

Set your fire and make the flames higher x 2

So Many Strangers
What if you were caught up
In an endless fall
Raise your hands
Raise your hands
So many strangers x 2

What if you were to learn
That it was all a lie
Raise your hands
Raise your hands
So many strangers x 3

Water Immersion

Do You Have The Time
Do You have the Time
To forge yourself another lover
Wrap yourself around
Claw yourself onto another

Hold your centre ground
Separate the final cover
Throw yourself around
Implore yourself onto the other

And you will, and you do, but you won’t
Stay here for a long time

Be careful what you say
In place of your supporting accusations
Be careful where you stare
You’re always searching for another

And you will, and you do, but you won’t
Stay for the duration

Take A Little Time
Take a little time and you’ll see that there’s no education
That leads you to where you have been
Waiting for a long conversation to make you feel braver
But you can’t fight the ghosts in your head

While you know that it’s slowly corroding
Who’s the teacher in your poisoned bed
You go down but you don’t stay there too long

Clutching at my arms and my legs just to make you feel better
They’re bruised but you push all the same
My fantasies were nothing you heard you just nodded and smiled
But questioning exposes a fool

While you see that I’m quietly falling
From the grasp of your forging hands
Feels to me it was time it was over
When you talk about yourself once again
It clear that there’s no room to talk about us

For you to reach me
And I’m waiting for your call
I wait here
But I know I’ve raised the bar to tall
And I’ll wait for the day when you want me and you know
I won’t wait for the day when you want me and you know

I hang a little picture of you
It belongs in my memory
But it’s fading all too soon

Red Square
There’s a red square
Painted on your face
An iconic symbol of birthing pains

There’s a red square
Floating in your house tonight
The icons can’t wait for the spirits to fight

It’s just life
It’s just a game
Putting up a picture, to ward them off

There’s a red square
Floating in your house tonight
The icons are waiting for the spirits to fight

We’d love you
To join us
Right in the middle
Of these four lines

There’s a red square
Floating in your house tonight
Painted on your face
Iconic of birthing pains

It’s this country that I run to
It’s this county that I run to
It’s this county that I run to

Where the red
Means fear
To the west
‘Cause it’s a communist life here

It’s the country that I run to
It’s the country that I run to
It’s the country that I run to
But I’m taught to run from

No Matter How
No matter how
You forget what you promised
I’ll keep a tab and I’ll add up the profit

No matter how
You forget what you offered
You can’t hide away from the pulse in your body

So here I go
As I ask you to love me
Watch as I mess it all up, like you showed me

Crude as it sounds
I love fucking your body
Over and over, so you’ll never know me

Endless gone words graze at my ears

In The Coiled Haze
And in the Coiled Haze
You’re watching as they lift themselves a gross
Until the point where light
Can almost capture where the eye can’t see

Hang up your masquerade
Your poisoned sense of moral stature

Over circumferences, with a tired sense of wonder
Could the part reflect the other
Crying fiction and a case of hyper state

When all the appetite is fed
And love is mere digestion

Crow feet adjust themselves
And spread and crack against the perfect sunrise

And time has slowed
And watches overturn their mastering hands

It’s all said
It’s all been said

Across the Sea
I could have came across the sea
But I waited, too long
It would have been easy for me
But I waited, too long x 2

We shared a thousand words a day
It’s hard when that goes away
We shared a thousand words a day
Can’t stand that that’s gone

I sang opera today
Couldn’t tell no one about it
You would have listened to every word I had to say
And been excited about it

Can’t bear to be in this world
Without you
And I can’t bear to smile in this world
That’s without you

I think of you goat, and your llama, and your dog, and your cat
That I met once
You sent me a picture one day of them
The were smiling

They had the goofyest teeth
And we laughed even though I couldn’t hear you
I could see you, your mouth, and your eyes
And I could feel you, even though the sea and the sky separated us
You put your hand on my head and said good-bye

You cared about me
But lived without me
And died without me

A Fraction Less Worn
My words start while yours
Are ending
We begin
To start again
Although you’re fighting
Your own sense of yourself

My name was never safe
In your mouth
It always got lost
In your own
Over and over
But you continue to play the games we hide in

A fraction less worn

Gracious Wader
Oh gracious wader
You only open your eyes
When light falls set directions
Rising all along what’s comprised

Stretching over the pulses
To trace the paler the water turning dark
And cease the tide that was over
The form, the code, and the structure depart

Through this
All over an appealing list

‘Caught A Glimpse of It
‘Caught a glimpse of it
Raising all that lifts
But I know
You might as well
Just go

This time
I try to make you see
But your eyes grow blind to me
If I was
Ever in their sight
At all

But I do like
These words of charm
Falling out of your fingers
But it’s a long way
For the real words
To find their way to your mouth

Break The Scene
Break the scene
Frame by frame
Shattered in the pose

Staring out
To the edge
Games that last for days

But with each
Hour that passed
Raised another place

Throw salt into my mouth
Reign the harness on my back
Make me hold up my hair
Over my eyes
So nobody can stare

Alleviate the cracks on my body
No source as electric escapes through the rummage
To show all the scars on my lips from excitement
Only to further belittle my soft fight

Hold me in your confine
Expose me in the sunlight
Force my hands under foot
Changing my form into something that’s broken

I should have broken your way today

Do You Know
Do you know
What you cause me to go through
Over and over you force me to pick up my feet and go

Never to rely on what I know is true

Heartache knows me through your lies, leading me
Over and over
We’re still here, you’re so near yet far

You seemed to want from me
To manage your honesty
Reckless apologies
Were all you offered me

The tightrope you fail to see
Doesn’t have room for me
You walk it on your own
You deserve to be left alone

No Guest to Reproach
No guest to reproach
You make me your secret for everything
And will me on and will me out

Change over your paw
The fake set has broken
To end the grace of all that was here
Take me on, while talking fast

What you can’t find
While you were here
You seem discouraged

Taking your time
All through the while
Of looking behind you

Choose over edged
Shapes disappear
To mark with outrage

Part 1: So She Opened Up this Canister
(Based on a poem by Tom Claydon)

So she opened up this canister one dog day weekend night
Although it might have been a Lynchian box
The way it came

To twist my understanding of things

Shot me down.  On a sofa that was beige
And the vessel that I empty to stop the rattle in the empty vessel
Might offer up an amber bite

Or a kiss from the dog at the end of the garden straining at his chain

Part II: The Sea Awoke Me
We learned to swim on some safe inlet
Simple strokes; treading water, basic
Locked on one another’s eyes (found – not lost – in each other’s eyes)

Mine sea-green and suspect
Yours deep brown as a sturdy wooden hull
Someone blinked first broke the stare-out and stared out to sea

The sea awoke me
Me asleep in my little land-locked room
Gasping, gulping air, salt at my lips
With my feet suspended
Fathoms over untouched floor
Swells tempestuous and terrifying
Heart fearful of lungs
Heart empty of her

By the time I made it back to land
(tired after fighting the tide)
You were gone even your footsteps on the sand
Had been washed out by the rain

So I return
To my bed to drown once again
Me asleep in my little land-locked life

Part 1, ii: You came back to me, as in a dream
(As in a dream – I mock myself)
Hoped to unlock you
Your exoskeleton

Shone like oil in the puddles on a bank holiday rain-drenched caravan park

The shadow in the scene, the arachnoid scheme
A poet might insert a line
To bring us back to dreams

(Aligned with woodland
Pretend beast skin)

Cherry Blossom – For Jackie Duffy
Cherry blossom
That’s what you said
At the top of
All that you wrote

And I’ll wait here
To see your face
Your eyes were smiling
Although I’m late

Lee Hooker hails from
Tyrone, Ireland
Yours, David Lynch
With his hair on

And I’ll wait here
To see your face
Your eyes were smiling
Although I’m late

Who let us in with these pirates
Who let us in with these pirates

These things will come to pass
Everything changes


‘Enaleigh: Live EP’ (2011)

You’re not There When the Lights go Around me Again
It’s hardly fair to disguise yourself when I’m running all around
I believe in a road where we’ll go
Where you’ll see all possibilities

Hold your hand over this place
And appease all that chases you
Throw it away and never return

Take it all if you need this most and carry the weight
It may not be that I think it’s best but I am not to blame
There’s a room where I know we will find
Ourselves together in one time

Your voice carries softly
Over all these unkind words
Don’t ever be quiet, I like your talk

This Place is Full
Of misery
Obvious and selfish arseholes on mass
I can’t even find someone who obtains a real smile
Do you think if you raise the corners of your sweet, lying lips
That I will help you do something you’re fully capable of

You can push and shove ’cause after all it’s you that we should all respect
With all your credit and all that paper in your wallet
Don’t excuse me I’m just dying to get in your way

You don’t have to talk I can sense psychological implications
If this was filmed in the 60’s we’d be uncertain
Cheap camera’s make everything look good

Why don’t you just take a knife and stab me straight through the chest
It might have been less painful than how you acted
No shit when they say the pen is mightier than the sword

Would you prefer a winner who sleeps on satin sheets
I’m sick and tired of you and you of me
So why do you still stand here

Oh dear
What a fucking wreck this place is

Oh Grace
You make me feel that I can’t hold on without this
As I try to escape only to make it better

I rode you
And I controlled you

Oh road
You’re not always there so I can hold on and escape this
As I submit to your power
Only the fallen will save me

Woe with me
I still believe

You look upon the fire
That I was just waiting to forage
And make sweet of the smell
That I am always forgetting

I can’t see
The way fades in front of me

You wrote down
The words
I can not read

You shout out
The words
I can not hear

It feels so cold without you in this

You raise me
So high
I can not breath

Cut my skin
And let me bleed

You wrote lust all over my mouth

Take these old hands and promise you’ll never do without

Make haste without warning
For this might overtake
The far, the mating
Open up and I will
With this old shot-gun
Take a breath, let me see
Ever forgiveness
Take to kneel onto this

It’s been so long since you promised you’d never give up on me


‘And They Will Teach Us That Eternity Is But The Standing Still Of Time’ (2008)

Eyes Low
Heading for the forest
Cold hearts
Chasing up their anger

And the weight of me
Makes me want to lie here
In the fields of green
Chewing on the pasture

And the height of me
Forces me to duck down
In the tall pine trees
Treading on their needles

Eyes low
Needing for the shelter
Of the cool air
Capture me in falling

Your mouth
Fills my arms with anger
Cold words
Change is never after

And the likes of me
Capture you in talking
And you dare not breathe
I see where you’re hidden

In the taller trees
There’s a path forbidden
And I know its lead
But only when I’m frightened

Ya ha inglet
Ya ha inglet, kva
Ya ha inglet
Ya ha inglet, kva

I know that it is hard to say
You could have made it easier

Late Besides
Falls from the start
And I take on your wild remarks
In the captive’s arms
You smiled with the far away
But true notion
Caught up in lies
In the cold

Caged alarms
Sound so inviting
But the one-off noise
Leaving you bartering
With the feeling of closer encounters
With the light switched off
The dark feeds the pleasure
In the cold

Everything I Own
Is lost
Raging seas unleash, accomplish, and across
But you know by now
The loss

But you know by now
The loss

Even through the wait
I know you won’t hold
Even fools at feasts
Are bold
Even while you stay
I know it’s not it at all
An unforgotten saying
A chamber can behold

If I asked you to build a cradle in the snow
So we could there in the cold
Would you dig a little deeper
So we could stay there in the whiteness

As I step into the Shadows of the Night
Save me lord
In my nights of lust and greed
I gave more
It’s funny while I was liking it
I was a whore
But in my fine and righteous hour
Save me lord

I loaded my courage
But it was not enough
If I told you through all of this
I was good

Would you liken me to all of them
Through hate and war
I never touched the apple then
But still I’m punished lord
I know the pain of sinning
And I’ve done wrong
But when you call the world at your bay
I’m long gone

As I walk into the shadows of the night
Save me lord
And in my nights of lust and greed
I gave more

Noted as Time Goes
On the fading light of the morning
You make me call in the final hour

I picked up the photo
Where you couldn’t show me
And swaying through iron doors
To rely upon

Your neglected
Leads on to a final curtain
Causes entry
Flees a cover to the depths of shelter

On the Back of the Head
In the same place on two streets
I want to stop and to bury these papers
And relax in the pressure
On any account, for now at least, fate has no answer

It’s waiting for me in the back corner all along

I choose the most out of the way path and wonder why
I never reach my destination
I’m pleased and then saddened at once
Never understood
What conveys all the past we’re all after

It’s waiting for me in the back corner all along

On the back of the head
In the same place on two streets
I want to bury these papers and go

Why did you leave me
I’m loosing my will completely
You know to beat me
I’m crawling in search of city peace

Where did you go to
I know I daren’t dismiss you
Standing with all these people
You left
Such perfect timing

Why did you leave me
I’m loosing
What you did teach me
You know to beat me
I’m crawling in search of county peace

I never had you
I never missed you
People say on my death my bed
I’ll come to you
But I won’t

And all the Way the Closer is Seen
And it holds my eyes onto the place that’s already here
And it’s a fade over throwing caution a lead
I can feel it on the light and on the wall till it’s mine
It’s never hard, over rates relatively until the fortunate overwhelmingly forget what they should

And I am lost through this
Holding me on

And all the way the further is seen
And you hold me back for sake of stopping typically
And place an arm over until you know I can’t see
And then you hold my arms away until you know I can’t fire
And talking finite and standing taller to see
It’s a feeling of later the way that you will
Chasing, fading away, and fleeing the scene
But it’s apparent on the light that you were already here

And I am lost through this
Holding me on

And I go down
And you lead me


Other Songs (1994 – 2014) A-Z

As Silence Grew so Cold
It was all I had to give
And as my final call
Was to talk my way back round
It wasn’t hard to reach
But my arms were tailored off

Couldn’t I tear it loose
Just to find it’s come undone
And pull the stitches tight
Just to find they’ve come unbound
Falling down onto the floor
But I couldn’t see it there
And the little threads they fell
Weaving all into the ground

It doesn’t take that long
To get to the lower ground
It doesn’t take that long
To decide that we’re not going
And I know that someone’s there
But he knows I cannot see

You know I’d walk the steep
Just to lift you from the rise
I know at times I played
But was I really hard to keep

It Speaks of a Name
I hold in my head
The room fills with friends
But kind words are scarce

Release straining tide
As I breath in the sea
Does catch me in my sleep
Dreams that the voices keep
Falling on all fours
There’s something in the wall
The shade fascinates the children passing by

To a sweet knees deep
On and on but never to define
Careless and out of sight
To never worry about tonight

Will you bring me my 45 rings of gold and silver to entwine me
Take the things that were meant for you anyhow
You’re so made to measure

Rosalina, Rosalina
Go to sleep your poisoned roses are fed
Rosalina, Rosalina
Go to sleep my hopeless lover

Do you offer your fortunes around me again
You’re falling off by the river
Did you bring me a thread of roses and lies
You’re too soft to follow

Rosalina, Rosalina
Go to sleep your poisoned roses are bled
Rosalina, Rosalina
Go to sleep my hopeless lover

Rosalina, Rosalina
Go to sleep your holy roses are dead
Rosalina, Rosalina
Go to sleep my perfect lover

Waiting for the Flight to Leave
I lift my head and stare up at the stars
And I look to see the sky looks kind of different tonight
Then you look at me
You ask me for some water from my bag
And I patiently hold your hand as you begin to sleep

Am I asking too much
I know
I’d hold you while time slips past us
Please go slow

Hiding in a magazine
You pull it down and open up your eyes
They were smiling
We laugh a while and play on the disguise
You look happier
Now that you have had a little sleep
Wish I had been more still, my breast was all I had to offer you

Staring at your cigarette
You toss it over by the water’s edge
As I remember how you lay
You head was resting on my chest
And when I looked at you
You looked so peaceful, nothing to harm you
I wish I could hold the moment in my hand forever


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